Church buildings can be either a blessing or a curse – or both! They can cost an awful lot of money to build and to maintain. Renting is an option many churches go for, especially when a church is being planted, and schools are a favourite with leisure centres and hotels coming a close second. It is not essential for a church to own their own building, but it is a great convenience. The Early Church grew rapidly and widely with no buildings. Buildings can be a fine testimony or a slur on the Name of Christ. If you have a church building, then make sure that it is clean and attractive, but do not make buildings your idol.
If the church has its own building then cleaning is a regular necessity. Some churches choose to hire a caretaker or cleaner. We chose a different route. In the early days cleaning was left to a small and much overworked volunteer group. But a better idea was picked up from another church, that was “Church Care Week”. The twelve House Groups in our church in Dunstable, took it in turn to look after the church building for a week. This involved not only cleaning the premises but also seeing to the opening and locking up of the church and ensuring that the lights were out after meetings. This had several advantages. First of all it involved most members of the church, and secondly they began to appreciate the building and were more involved in keeping it in good shape. Another plus was that the task came round only about every nine or ten weeks. This was because some of the smaller groups, or those with a preponderance of the elderly combined forces, thus reducing the number of groups available. A building steward or the administrator was responsible for ordering cleaning materials.

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