Walking with God

We read twice in Genesis that Enoch walked with God (Gen. 5:22, 24), as also did Noah (Gen. 6:9).

The concept of walking with Almighty God is awe-inspiring.  Here are seven things about it that come to mind.

  1. Walking with God implies companionship.  When a young man and a young lady began to get acquainted it used to be referred to as “walking out.”  That God should deign to be our Friend and acquaintance is staggering.
  2. Walking with God implies conversation.  You do not usually walk out with someone in total silence.  But conversation is by definition a two-way communication.  This means we must learn to listen to God  as well as talk to him in prayer.  It also greatly influences the topics of our conversation.                                                        “Talk with us, Lord, Thyself reveal, While here on earth we rove; Speak to our hearts, and let us feel The kindling of Thy Love.  With Thee conversing, we forget All time and toil and care; Labour is rest, and pain is sweet, If Thou, my God, art here.” [Charles Wesley].
  3. Walking is exercise, and exercise is essential to health.  So walking with God is spiritual exercise and is essential to our spiritual health.
  4. Walking implies a goal or destination, either a location some other aim such as pleasure or deeper acquaintance.  If we want to know God we must walk with Him.
  5. Walking implies progress.  It is no good marching on the spot.  When we walk with God we shall inevitably get somewhere.  We shall make progress.
  6. Walking with God is hugely different from walking with anyone else.  It makes a difference whom you walk with.  When I walk with my wife I can talk about things and say things I would say to no other.  When I was at college I developed a friendship with another brother largely because we had a similar sense of humour, as well as both loving the Lord.  This was a life-long friendship, shared by our wives as well.  He went to be with the Lord s few years ago, and I know no one with whom I could talk in quite the same way.  To walk with the Almighty, Holy, glorious God who is our Saviour and Lord is one of the greatest possible privileges we could ever have in this world.
  7. Walking with God implies guidance.  We must go His way or we walk alone.  ‘Where He leads me I will follow.’  Having been saved from the punishment of sin (EPH. 2:8, 9), we are being saved (I Cor. 1:18) from the power of sin by walking with Him.  And one day we shall be saved (Rom. 5:9) from the very presence of sin when we walk with Him into our heavenly home.

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