Alphabet of Pride

Pride is one of the basic sins. It seems that the evil one’s pride caused his fall. If you say to yourself, “I am not guilty of that” you have already fallen. It is easy to think you have avoided it but it has many manifestations, many aspects. Some time ago I tried to analyse it by compiling an “alphabet of pride”, to illustrate some of its many aspects. Some may find this helpful, or perhaps challenging.

Pride has many manifestations.
A – Arrogance or argumentativeness.
B – Boasting
C – Criticism of others.
D – Dominating conversations, or Disrespect for others who are older, wiser, better educated, or have longer experience.
E – Everyone else is wrong.
F – Failure to listen to others or seek their advice.
G – Gets depressed when not appreciated or successful
H – Humility is lacking
I – Insensitive to the feelings of others
J – Judgmentalism.
K – a know-it-all attitude.
L – Lacking in appreciation of others
M – Manifests an attitude of supreme confidence
N – Not aware of his own limitations
O – Opinionated and Over-sensitive to slights, hurts and criticisms
P – Points the finger at others
Q – Questions other people’s ideas but not his own
R- Refusal to listen to others.
S- Superior attitude
T – Talkativeness
U – Unwilling to ask advice or listen to other people’s views.
V – Values praise but not constructive criticism
W – Worldly attitude, e.g. in games.
Y – You are always right, others are wrong.
Z – Zealous for one’s own plans and projects.


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