Welcome aboard the web site of Stanley and Shirley Jebb.  This site was set up at the request of many friends, both old and new, and with the encouragement of our family.  Its purpose is mainly to offer teaching from Stanley’s ministry of over fifty years, and also to offer occasional comments on current topics.

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary CruiseOur 40th Wedding Anniversary Cruise


3 Responses to “Home”

  1. Eric Doyle Says:

    Dear Stanley, It is so good to find this web site. Eve and myself are constantly giving thanks to God for the depth of teaching you gave us way back in the eighties at West St. The foundations that were set in place then we find so valuable today. We look forward to receiving more feasts from the Lord’s table.
    God bless,
    Eric and Eve Doyle

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Stanley, John Brand here. Please could you let me have an email address to contact you on? Many thanks

  3. Ron Bailey Says:

    How do I register for fresh posts to this site?

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